Online Spiritual Gifts Assessment

For those who by God's grace have placed their faith in Christ alone for salvation, we offer an online Spiritual Gifts Assessment. This assessment can help you discover your spiritual gifts and find out how you are best gifted to serve in the body of Christ.

Upon completing this assessment, if you are logged on to your User Account on the site, you will be given the opportunity to save your top three spiritual gifts to your User Account. This provides us the opportunity to search for individuals with specific gifts when a particular need comes to our attention. This is completely optional, and you may still fill out this assessment just for your personal use.

For more information about Spiritual Gifts, you may download our Spiritual Gifts Assessment document.

  1. When a situation needs to be corrected I feel a burden to speak up about it in order to correct it.
  2. I feel a special concern for less mature Christians and feel compelled to care for them spiritually.
  3. I find it easy and enjoyable to spend time in intensive Bible study.
  4. I am able to help others identify problems and offer solutions.
  5. I don't understand why others don't give as much and as freely as I do.
  6. I am comfortable visiting people who are sick and disabled.
  7. I have greater desire than most to witness to non-Christians.
  8. If there is no leadership in a group I will step up and take charge.
  9. I enjoy being called upon to do special jobs around the church.
  10. When issues are being dealt with in a group, I speak up rather than just listening.
  11. I find myself especially concerned that newer Christians will be influenced by false teachers and be harmed in their spiritual growth as a result.
  12. Others sometimes accuse me of being too technical or detail-oriented.
  13. I would rather talk personally with someone rather than refer them elsewhere.
  14. I find myself looking for opportunities to give my money without being asked to give.
  15. I have a tendency to think about things for a while before making a decision.
  16. Witnessing to non-Christians comes easily to me.
  17. I enjoy handling the details of organizing ideas, people, resources, and time in order to have more effective ministry.
  18. I feel that I am not specifically skilled, but I enjoy doing what needs to be done around the church.
  19. I am able to make quick decisions and am seldom indecisive.
  20. I have a tendency to be too involved, to the point that I fail to involve others; People think that I should always be available and have all the answers.
  21. Others say that my communication style is stimulating, enthusiastic, and easily understood.
  22. I enjoy encouraging people who are experiencing problems and trials.
  23. The quality of gifts I give is important to me.
  24. I am comfortable talking to those who are suffering physically and emotionally.
  25. I find myself constantly seeking for opportunities to witness for Christ.
  26. I make effective and efficient plans for accomplishing the goals of a group.
  27. I find it hard to say "no", which can lead to being overcommitted perceived as a workaholic.
  28. I am sometimes too honest with people and unintentionally offend them.
  29. It bothers me greatly when something wrong is taught in the church and I seek to correct it immediately.
  30. I prefer to share the meaning of a Biblical phrase or concept rather than simply quote a verse of Scripture.
  31. I am burdened to communicate how Scripture impacts our actions and conduct.
  32. I sense a great deal of joy in giving, regardless of the response of the one to whom I gave.
  33. I sometimes let others use me and walk over me.
  34. I have been accused of being "pushy."
  35. I hate procrastination but tend to be a perfectionist.
  36. I prefer being active and doing something rather than just sitting around talking, reading, or listening to a speaker.
  37. I have a strong sense of duty and as a result I tend not to care what people think about what I do.
  38. I am comfortable being responsible for the spiritual welfare and growth of other Christians.
  39. I usually organize my thoughts in a systematic way.
  40. I enjoy one-on-one, person-to-person ministry more than group ministry.
  41. When I give my money to someone or something, I seek to avoid letting others know about it.
  42. I have a hard time not being controlled by my circumstances.
  43. I have a constant burden for non-Christians to be saved and it often influences what I do or say.
  44. I usually know what I need to be doing and delegate the rest to others.
  45. I respond cheerfully when asked to do a job, even if it seems trite.
  46. I have the ability to explain Biblical truth in such a way that it brings others to repentance.
  47. I enjoy seeing others realize their potential for Christ.
  48. I find it gratifying to spend hours reading and studying.
  49. I have the ability to motivate others to action and to take the next step in their spiritual journey.
  50. I enjoy helping people in need by sharing my resources with them.
  51. My friends say that I am loyal and available in their time of need.
  52. When I hear about non-Christians, I am immediately prompted to pray.
  53. I approach challenges with a logical, methodical method of problem solving.
  54. When I see something that needs to be done, I take initiative without being asked.
  55. Sometimes I am so honest with others that I may offend them.
  56. I love people and tend to be more relationship/people oriented than task oriented.
  57. I enjoy explaining new concepts and ideas with others.
  58. I readily see positive qualities in people and enjoy affirming them.
  59. I am thrifty and save money in order to help those who are less fortunate which sometimes leads to others perceiving me as being stingy.
  60. I empathize with others’ feelings and pain.
  61. I share the Gospel every chance I get.
  62. The details necessary to accomplish an objective seem obvious to me.
  63. I am usually involved in a variety of activities and volunteer for many different jobs.
  64. I prefer straightforward, direct communication and avoid small talk.
  65. I am willing to study and spend a lot of time if necessary to help those I serve.
  66. Others often ask me to help them comprehend complex ideas.
  67. Friends often talk to me when they need support and encouragement.
  68. Friends say that I am generous.
  69. I have the ability to bring comfort to others in their darkest moments.
  70. My friends say that I have a unique ability to channel conversations and to talk to folks about Jesus.
  71. Time-management is one of my strengths.
  72. I love to contribute to ministry from behind the scenes and would rather not be recognized for my efforts.
  73. I say things out loud that others are thinking but are afraid to say.
  74. I tend to be a peacemaker and a problem solver.
  75. I have the ability to connect seemingly unrelated ideas and explain the big picture.
  76. Others sometimes perceive me as being insincere because I am so optimistic, even when things look grim.
  77. I take advantage of opportunities to give financially above and beyond my usual tithes and offerings.
  78. I try to go the extra mile to keep peace and harmony in relationships.
  79. I routinely pray for people in my sphere of influence who do not know Jesus.
  80. I am often too analytical and have a tendency to think too much.
  81. I am known as being faithful to follow through with my commitments.

Downloadable Spiritual Gifts Assessment (PDF)